Nebuliser & Colloidal Silver Pack

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Put 10ml of colloidal silver in the included receptacle, turn on the machine and breathe deeply and slowly for approximately 20 minutes or until all the liquid is gone. Repeat three times a day for colds, pneumonia, bronchitis, sinusitis, COPD and any other breathing/respiratory problems.

Introducing the silver content directly into the bloodstream through the lungs is a much more efficient way of ensuring that the original integrity of the silver solution and its particle sizes are not only preserved but also immediately available, having bypassed the myriad of functional disadvantages through traditional oral/gastrointestinal absorption.

Specifications for Nebuliser:

  • Material: ABC+PC
  • Power: 2.0W
  • Atomization rate: less than or equal to 0.2ml/min
  • Atomized particles: 1-5um
  • Liquid cup capacity: up to about 8ml minimum 0.5ml
  • Working frequency: 120KHz±10%*Power supply: 2xAA battery (without battery) (Or by USB Cable)
Out of stock
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  • 500ml bottle of standard Colloidal Silver (10ppm)
  • 1 Nebuliser


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Weight 1200 g

2 reviews for Nebuliser & Colloidal Silver Pack

  1. Chanelle

    Sooo happy I purchased this little gem! From the beginning of this summer I have suffered with horrendous hay fever and allergies with heavy mucus as a side effect.. literally nothing helped… until I brought this beautiful combo! I am relieved after a short blast on the nebuliser with the colloidal silver.. and the symptoms have drastically reduced since using the items. Literally 5* Couldn’t be any happier ????♥️

  2. Andrea morgan (verified owner)

    Long review alert…
    Not going to apologise for the long review because this needs to be reviewed in my own words.
    My 15yr old has been suffering severve anxiety for past 18 months and i have spent literally hundreds on supplements, Doterra essential oils made especially to her needs and humidifiers. Today i recieved my Colodial silver and nebuliser for my son who has chest problems. However, my 15yr old seen it and wanted to try it 1st.
    I told her to inhale the CS for 5 seconds, hold for 7 seconds and breathe out for 5 seconds. Wow, after few minutes she became so calm. I am amazed. She been using now for 20 minutes and what a difference.
    I will be purchasing a second nebuliser and will review how my son gets on once my 15yr old has finished with her go lol.
    Thank you Kate for the amazing aftercare customer service and getting back to me with answers to my questions within 5 minutes.
    Thank you so so much.
    This was purchased for my son’s chest problems and it has helped my 15yr olds anxiety. Win win 🙌 💪
    Thank you Kate 😊 💓

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