Apricot Kernel Oil

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A Nutritionally dense Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil is also non greasy, so perfect for use on your face (for all skin types), it’s a great moisturiser on the body and quite possibly the best massage oil choice there is. Apricot Kernel Oil glides easily across your skin, whilst helping to leave your skin soft and moisturised. In Ancient Purity’s opinion is a better alternative to Sweet Almond and Grapeseed for massage.

You can also enhance your culinary experience by adding a little Apricot Kernel Oil to cuisines. It’s great as a salad dressings, awesome in pasta dishes, as a dip for bread, drizzled over roasted vegetables and so much more, you’ll find It adds flavour and richness to food. You can also put a teaspoon of it in smoothies. For use on hair Apricot Kernel Oil is also pretty special, so try using it as a hot oil treatment. Simply warm a small amount of oil gently (no high temps), then Massage it gently into your hair and scalp. Then cover with a towel and leave for at least half an hour. After this you can wash as normal.

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Apricots have been a staple diet of the Hunza people for thousands of years. This Oil is a natural nutritional powerhouse and also great for topical use, it can be mixed with Essential Oils as an effective natural carrier oil. It’s also possibly the best massage oil you can use.

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Weight 740 g


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