Pine Pollen Tincture

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Gold 30ml, Pure Potency 50ml

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SurThrival Pine Pollen can be consumed daily to help restore a healthy endocrine system and balance androgen and estrogen levels. SurThrival Pine Pollen is the gold standard in nutrient-dense meta-foods. Choose the Gold or Pure Potency… The most advanced Herbal Androgenic formula to date. Pine Pollen is enhanced with the Androgenic qualities of Nettle Root and the Adaptogenic effects of Eleuthero Root and its flavours are enhanced with Tahitian Vanilla Beans and Orange Peels.

Pine Pollen has been used in traditional Chinese Medicine for over 2,000 years as a health restorative, longevity tonic, and anti-ageing nutrient. It has been shown to restore energy, eliminate signs of aging, battle fatigue, and build a strong immune system.

The oldest mention of Pine Pollen is in the classic pharmacology text “The Pandect Of Materia Medica” by Shen Nong, who wrote about it during the Han dynasty. In traditional Chinese, medicine physicians prescribe it for multiple uses.

Surthrival Pine Pollen Gold is “Wild Harvested” for maximum potency. It is 99% cracked cell wall pollen for up to 20% more absorption. Extracted in Organic Grape ethanol for maximum quality and absorbability. Bottled in superior Miron Glass for maximum freshness, stability, and storability.

  • Moistening the lungs.
  • Relieving rheumatic pain.
  • Relieving fatigue.
  • Increasing Endurance and Agility.
  • Strengthening the immune system.
  • Improving the skin.
  • Strengthening the heart.
  • Protects against Prostate problems.
  • Strengthening the GI tract and stomach.
  • Increasing mental agility.
  • Decreasing weight.
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Gold 30ml, Pure Potency 50ml


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