An earthy and rich hot chocolate with a difference, made with an incredible combination of our four favourite mushroom powders and Peruvian cacao. This warming drink consists of wild Chaga – ‘the mushroom of immortality’, Reishi – commonly known as a strong tonic, Cordyceps Sinensis – full of important vitamins and minerals, and Lions Mane – prized for its cognitive support.

If you aren’t familiar with the amazing benefits of these mushrooms, do look them up, you could be amazed!

We have added a hint of cinnamon for extra warmth, our low GI coconut palm sugar to gently sweeten, and a touch of rosehip to help the body’s absorption of polysaccharides.

This is a truly decadent and invigorating drink to warm the cockles and stimulate the mind. Settle down with a mug and feel the earthly embrace of this magical mushroom elixir.

Serving suggestion:

Add two heaped dessert spoons to your mug (or more if you like it super rich!), add a splash of your favourite milk (we prefer nut milk) & mix well to a smooth consistency. Add the remainder of your hot milk and stir. For the ultimate cup use all milk! Enjoy!

This product is part of an ever-growing range of completely unique hot drink blends that we make in-house here at Detox Trading. Also if you’re a mushroom fan you should definitely check out our Five Mushroom Mega Blend!

Ingredients – Organic Cacao Powder, Organic Coconut Palm Sugar, Wild Organic Chaga, Organic Cinnamon Powder, Organic Reishi Powder, Organic Cordyceps Sinensis Powder, Organic Lion’s Mane Powder, Organic Rosehip Powder.

Allergen free from:
Peanut, Peanut Oil
Tree nuts
Sesame Seeds
Milk & Derivatives
Wheat & Gluten
Other Known Allergens
Free from any GMO

The UK governments nutrition and health claim regulations are very strict, as a result, we can’t state the full benefits of this product on our site, therefore we encourage you to do your internet own research.