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High EPA to DHA fish oil molecularly distilled to prevent oxidation.

Kirunal is a pure fish oil concentrate distilled from sardines and anchovies. Our fish oil is processed using Supercritical Extraction with CO2 to prevent oxidation.

Kirunal’s ratio of 3:1 EPA to DHA is beneficial for supporting the immune system, brain, heart, and circulatory system. Our formula also helps to enhance your mood and provide emotional clarity by supporting mental health.

Mood Enhancement

  1. Promotes cardiovascular health*
  2. Supports brain health, cognition and memory*
  3. Neutralizes free radicals for healthy aging and wellness*
  4. Promotes healthy joints*
  5. Prevents oxidation of cells and volatile oils*


How is Kirunal processed?

Kirunal is processed using Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE), a process utilizing carbon dioxide (CO2) to fine tune temperature and pressure while extracting the delicate polyunsaturated oil from fish. SFE prevents the degradation of fish oil by heat and oxygen, insuring the highest quality and concentration with 420mg of EPA/DHA in each 500mg softgel.

What is Kirunal Fish Oil used for?
BodyBio’s Omega 3 Fish Oil has been developed to provide the brain with specific nutrients it needs to function properly. Each Kirunal Fish Oil softgel contains 500 mg of specially selected fish oil that provides three times more EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) than DHA (docahexaenoic acid).

Why increase your EPA intake?
The brain is rich in a group of fatty substances known as the Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids, including EPA. Omega-3 EFA’s are critical to the normal functioning of the brain, but cannot be made within the body. They must be ingested as food, digested, absorbed, and then incorporated into the brain’s structure. Many researchers have demonstrated that our modern diet often contains insufficient amounts of EPA & other Omega-3 EFAs.

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Weight 250 g
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