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What is colloidal zinc?

Colloidal Zinc is a genuine colloid that is made up of zinc nanoparticles suspended in purified water. It is a zinc colloid that is an all-natural mineral supplement. Normally, colloidal Zinc in its purest form, with a high concentration of nanometer-sized particles is 20 PPM. Our zinc is colloidal and is 0.999 pure zinc.

Zinc is a trace element meaning that it is essentially required by the body to maintain the physiological and metabolic working but in minimal amounts. However, since it is not produced by the body it is crucial to include a regulatory intake through a balanced diet or supplements as its deficiency can lead to severe health issues.

Benefits of using colloidal zinc

Zinc is a vital mineral that keeps a plethora of functions regulated in your body. Being a natural antioxidant zinc helps in treating acne, inflamed wounds and healing ulcers. It is also considered vital for the development of the reproductive organs as zinc is known for the production of proteins and DNA synthesis which resultantly aids pregnant women in avoiding premature birth. Zinc is particularly required by males to enhance prostate health and for the production of healthy sperm. It also manages muscular contractility, the body’s alkaline equilibrium and proper tissue function which is crucial for blood flow stability.

One of the properties of zinc that makes it immensely popular is its ability to reduce the risk of old age-related diseases and infections such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD), pneumonia, influenza, anaemia and compromised mental agility.

Take daily

  • To help boost the immune system
  • To treat skin conditions like acne, wounds
  • To accelerate healing in ulcers
  • To regulate the production of sperms
  • To enhance prostate health
  • To maintain tissue function
  • To avoid old-age related diseases like loss of vision
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Due to changes in EU Legislation, we can not claim that Zinc is a cure for any condition discussed herein nor that it is specifically recommended for use on these conditions. However, by accepting our Disclaimer (on arrival at our website) or by making a purchase, you are exercising your Human Rights as a consumer. Our findings are based on many years’ research and consultation with health professionals and scientists, well-documented cases, testimonials from our customers and from our own testing and usage.

  • Steam distilled pharmaceutical-grade purified water, from our own distillers.
  • Zinc- purity of 99.99% and concentration of 40ppm.
  • No Additives
  • Freshly made daily – no stock sitting on the shelves

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