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Some of the most interesting info on Dong Quai (Also known as: Dang Gui, Tang Kuei, Female Ginseng) include its ability to balance hormone levels, detoxify the body, ease the menstrual process, boost energy levels and circulation, improve mood, reduce signs of aging, protect skin health, lower blood pressure, improve sex drive, and protect the heart. If you’ve ever heard of “female ginseng”, then you’ve heard of Dong Quai, which has the scientific name Angelica sinensis.  This powerful herb grows primarily in Asia and has been in use for thousands of years as a sacred herbal remedy.

While many traditional Chinese herbal medicines are largely discounted by western medical professionals, Dong Quai remains quite viable and continues to prove its value as more and more medicinal benefits are identified. The yellow root of the Dong Quai plant is where the most valuable chemical components are found. This root is then dried and used to make a number of powders, tinctures, tonics, and other herbal supplements, notably for female health issues, but more recently for an impressive array of benefits. The plant actually belongs to a rather normal family, Apiaceae, which is commonly known as the carrot, parsley, and celery family, but the unique chemical composition of Dong Quai gives it far more benefits than your average green stalk.

  • Balances oestrogen levels.
  • Nourishing Blood Tonic.
  • Thought to increase the haemoglobin content.
  • Boosts Male & Female fertility.
  • Eases cramps and other symptoms of PMS.
  • Encourages regular cycles.
  • Preserves your natural beauty.
  • Supports healthy skin over Vitiligo.
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Dong Quai a traditional Chinese Remedy that’s growing more popular in the West. Often called “Female Ginseng” because of its benefits for women, it’s also effective for male fertility. But there’s more to it than just a fertility booster.

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250g, 500g


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