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Buckminster Fullerene Active Potentised C60 Pure Hardwood Charcoal capsules are made from a pure, top quality hardwood charcoal, and the capsules are of vegetable origin which makes them suitable for vegetarians and vegans. They are manufactured to AIB International GMP Standards, and C60 Charcoal capsules are, without doubt, one of the most useful health food additives to enter the human market this century. Many foods are now processed and treated with a range of pesticides and preservatives like never before, it’s very useful to have to hand a health food additive which helps detox and rebalance the system.

The capsules have been hailed by many as a “Godsend”, and testimonials received point to the fact that C60 Charcoal capsules can help very considerably with many digestive and dietary issues. They are not new product rather a very anicent one that has been recieving a lot of interest and press lately, it’s time to re-discover the essential elements of good health, fast detoxing and better digestion and supported rejuvenation. Distinct Adsorption… C60 Pure Hardwood Charcoal, potentised so that it only removes undesirable substances, leaving essential nutrients behind (ideal for daily detox). While “activated” charcoal found in pharmacists and health shops is really only for short term use.

  • Active Potentised C60.
  • Safe, longterm use Charcoal.
  • Charcoal of Longevity.
  • Stomach & Intestinal Health.
  • Anti-Candida.
  • Natural Weight-loss.
  • Bodily Water Detoxification.
  • Oral Health & Teeth Whitening.
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C60 carbon Pure Potentised Hardwood Charcoal is a Longevity must that can settle your stomach by adsorbing unwanted substances, eases gas, and can provide the foundation for a healthier diet and life.

There is strong scientific evidence to support the view that taking C60 Pure Hardwood Charcoal can extend your life span! In one animal study, Dr. V. V. Frolkis, a famous Russian gerontologist, and his colleagues demonstrated that the lifespan in laboratory rats increased up to 34% by feeding them charcoal in their diet*. Toxins, including free radicals, are believed to play a significant role in aging, but these ‘loose cannons’ will form a stable matrix with charcoal in the gut until they are eliminated from the body.

Researchers concluded that the binding up of these toxins in the intestinal tract before they are absorbed or reabsorbed into the system may be one mechanism that allowed the animals to live longer and healthier. Both clinical observations of patients in hospitals and numerous animal studies have demonstrated that charcoal poses no threat to nutritional uptake. 

The human body produces a balancing factor of high alkalinity which is bicarbonate (HCO3). Bicarbonate keeps the blood alkaline. As mentioned before, in 1996, Dr. Lynda Frassetto of the University of California, San Francisco, published a paper showing how bicarbonate levels in human blood vary with age. The average bicarbonate level is constant until the age of 45, after which a noticeable decline begins. Physical aging occurs when bicarbonate in the blood decreases. As these levels decrease the body is less able to neutralize the acid which accumulates as cholesterol, fatty acid, uric acid, kidney stones, etc. *Enterosorption in prolonging old animal lifespan Dr. V. V. Frolkis et. al. 1984;19(4):217-25. EXP GERONTOL.

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Weight N/A

125 Gel Caps, 500 Gel Caps

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