Bicarbonate of Soda



While Sodium Bicarbonate is a product found in most households, few people are aware of how many effective different ways the product can be used. It is an effective tool for a host of health problems and can be used to cleanse and eliminate infection safely.

With its natural pH neutralizing effects, baking soda serves a variety of purposes. The compound is effective for reducing pain, eliminating infection and treating inflammation. Many people use Sodium Bicarbonate on a variety of conditions such as acne, allergies, sores, and bacterial infections. Burns, bee stings, and cysts also respond well to a protocol with the compound. Historically Bicarbonate of soda was also used when people suffered with fatigue, coughs, congestion, flatulence, gout and oral problems.

While Bicarbonate of Soda is particularly effective, it should also be noted that the substance can deplete the body of essential vitamins and minerals, particularly B vitamins, folic acid, and chromium. Bicarbonate of Soda is best used for short periods of time in conjunction with other nutritional supports to prevent nutritional imbalances.

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Sodium bicarbonate, is a natural substance that helps regulate pH. Balancing alkalinity over acidity or too alkaline, vital for natural health. As Bicarbonate of Soda contacts another substance, it naturally neutralises the pH of the substance and prevents further imbalance or buffers the pH. EP/BP/USP Grade


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