Bamboo Tabashir Extract


Ancient Purity’s Bamboo Tabishir Extract, the “King of Silica” essential for the structural constitution, elasticity and permeability of the arteries, which means it can substantially improve the cardiovascular system. Silica can play a useful role in bringing down blood fat levels and cholesterol. Silica deficiency can cause the arteries to harden – in fact, healthy individuals free from heart disease have abundant levels of silica in their arteries, often fifteen times higher. This precious resource has been shown to have unequalled potential to erase the ravages of the ageing process and trigger widespread cell rejuvenation.

The High Potency Extract, is a supercharged natural Silica and Multi-Mineral Powerhouse, it is an excellent choice for a health-enhancing nutritional smoothie, but you can also put a little in pure water and do it as a shot for the day. Being a stable food of one of China’s most famous inhabitants… the Panda, it has also long been part of one of the oldest Medical Systems in the world. It is associated with the Heart, Gallbladder and Liver Meridians. Known in TCM as Tian Zhu Huang or Qing Pi Zhu, this ancient food was used to balance the said Meridians but also used to treat an array of ailments historically.

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Super rich in Organic, revitalising Silica. Content reaches 85% with x10 levels found in Horsetail that contains about 5-7%. Besides Silica, it contains Iron, Calcium, Choline, Biotin and Betaine. This synergistic blending of mineral properties makes Tabashir an excellent and effective remineralising agent.

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