Colloidal Silver Myths and Fables

Here are some of the Myths, Fables and Superstitions you will read/hear about CS brewing and using.

1. CS should never be put in plastic. Actually, there is some truth to this idea. There are types of plastics that dissolve into CS when CS is stored in them. The only type of plastic that is safe to use with CS is the transparent, hard, shiny plastic like what soda pop comes in. This is known as PET or PETE plastic, among others. It can be colored (green, amber, blue, etc.) but it must be transparent – you need to be able to see through it. The opaque, whitish plastic like what contains milk (or also, unfortunately, water) has a tendency to dissolve into the water/CS after being stored for awhile. The big, blue 5-gallon water bottles that folks get refills in are fine, too. There have been scientific studies concerning the affect of glass and plastic on CS. See Metabolic Solutions Report, “Silver in Glass vs Plastic”.

2. CS should never touch metal. This is only true while brewing it. After brewing is finished, CS is simply mineral water, except it only has one mineral. You wouldn’t be afraid to expose Perrier Water or some other Spring/Mineral water to a metal spoon or heat it in a metal pot, would you? I will admit, I wouldn’t store CS in a metal container because the silver particles would tend to leave the water and plate out on the metal surface.

3. You shouldn’t heat or freeze CS. As far as heating it is concerned, boil away. It’s just mineral water. I brew coffee and tea (organic and herbal, of course!) with my CS everyday. I make pancake batter, soups and stews, sauces and gravies with CS. I put CS in everything I can get it in. As far as freezing CS, freezing low-voltage CS can cause the silver to fall out of the water if it is melted. This is not true with higher-voltage CS. During the summer, even my family’s ice cubes are made with CS.

4. CS should not be exposed to sunlight or magnetism. This can be true with low-voltage CS, but is not true with higher-voltage CS. This also resolves the issue of needing to store CS in colored bottles or keeping it in a dark place. See Metabolic Solutions Report, “Colloidal Silver Overview”.

5. Don’t overdose on CS, or you will turn blue. As long as the CS is clear or yellow, you can drink (literally) gallons per day without fear of getting too much. In fact, drinking pints or quarts of CS per day is actually necessary when using CS to combat such significant health issues as cancer or MS. As far as turning blue (argyria) is concerned, see the Metabolic Solutions Report “The Final Word on Silver Toxicity”.

6. CS should be ingested while fresh, as it loses potency after awhile. I once had a phone-call testimony from a man who had banished a cold overnight using 8-year old CS.

7. Be careful what you mix CS with. Remember, CS is not a drug, it’s only mineral water. Don’t mix it with anything you would be afraid of mixing spring water with.

8. CS should only be taken on an empty stomach. Although there might be good reason to use CS on an empty stomach (such as when you are treating an ulcer, or are fighting a bladder infection), our bodies are designed to absorb and utilize minerals during digestion, since most of the minerals we supply our bodies with come from our food. This is why it is ok to cook with CS.

9. The perfect brewing voltage for making CS is 27-30 volts. All that voltage determines is how fast the brewing process progresses. Higher voltage brews CS faster than low voltage. In fact, higher voltage, when the current is kept low, makes smaller silver particles (nanometer size particles) than low voltage. See Metabolic Solutions Report, “CS Production Methods”.